Our Partners

Custom 3d Stuff

Custom 3D stuff is an object creation firm specializing in all forms of digital fabrication. They are based in Baltimore and provide design consultation and 3d design services. They have experience creating movie props, advertising and event promotion material, jewelry, replicas, new products, and engineering prototypes. Many of their jewelry designs are available for sale in the Bmore 3D shop, and they also custom design services and training.

Direct Dimensions (http://www.dirdim.com/)

Direct Dimensions, Inc. (DDI) is the world’s leading authority on the application of geometric measurement technology. Their team of engineering experts provides rapid solutions to the challenges often encountered in product evaluation, development, and manufacturing. Their combined years of experience in data measurement, inspection, and reverse engineering deliver the expertise you can trust to digitally “clone” your three-dimensional product with speed, accuracy, and attention to detail.


Tinkerine Studios