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Bmore3D Store Press Release

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December 5, 2014

Contact: Todd Blatt


Bmore3D brings you your face in Chocolate using 3D printing and 3D scanning

Custom 3D Stuff, Tinkerine Studios Ltd., ShapeShot and Direct Dimensions are collaborating to bring back year two of their pop-up retail store focused on 3D scanning and 3D printing.  The Bmore3D Store is located at 10310 S. Dolfield Road, Suite #3D in Owings Mills, MD. and is available

New this year is the ability to create your own face in chocolate. Customers can get their face 3D scanned, 3D printed, and make a food-safe mold to pour chocolate and candies to take home. The DittoPro 3D printer is also on sale, as well as the previous Ditto+ and Litto printers as kits. Customers can shop a curated gallery of the most unique gifts in Baltimore, designed by Baltimore 3D artists.  Items include earrings, rings, necklaces,  and an assortment of unique Baltimore-themed pieces.  All items are designed using 3D modeling software and fabricated by an assortment of 3D printers.  The DittoPro 3D printers from Tinkerine Studios will be on display in the store demonstrating 3D printing.

The store also features ShapeShot™, the world’s first fully automated 3D photo booth, featured in Time Magazine.  After being captured in 3D, customers can order their 3D-printed busts, mini-figs, game pieces, jewelry, bobbleheads and even ceramic coffee mugs customized with a scale model of their face.  Bring your family, your babies, and even your pets!  ShapeShot lets you be the face of 3D printing.

ShapeShot was developed by Direct Dimensions, the Baltimore-based engineering services firm also in the store providing 3D scanning of objects and unique full-body 3D scanning for amazing 3D printed miniature figurines.  In November, Direct Dimensions was showcased by The Smithsonian for its contributions to the groundbreaking SI x 3D project which brings museum artifacts online in 3D to the world.

The Bmore3D Store will also feature various educational and entertainment opportunities for visitors with technology discussions and demonstrations by regional 3D professionals.  These events will highlight methods of 3D design, 3D scanning, and 3D printing and other aspects of digital fabrication – fast becoming the new way for making things.  Everyone at all levels will find these sessions helpful, particularly professionals interested in implementing 3D tools in their workplace.

A schedule of activities will be posted on Bmore3D’s website featuring renowned 3D industry professionals, local artists, designers, and engineers.  Check back often for upcoming activities and meet-ups.

Custom 3D Stuff, founded by Todd Blatt in 2009, creates custom CAD designs, 3D printed jewelry, props, custom engineering prototypes, and advertising and promotional material through the use of digital fabrication.

Tinkerine Studios Ltd. is a public Vancouver based company which creates the DittoPro, Ditto+ and Litto 3d printers. The DittoPro won the award of Happy Medium from the recently published 2015 Make Magazine Ultimate Guide to 3D Printing. The DittoPro is available for purchase at a price of $1899. The Ditto+ model was recognized as runner up in the Best Value and Best Documentation categories by Make Magazine in last year’s 2014 Ultimate Guide to 3D Printing and was also awarded the title of “Surprise Hit.”   The Ditto+ machine retails for $1549 ($1249 for DIY kit) and is a large and accurate 3D printer.  It will be on display, at the Bmore3D store alongside its smaller version, the Litto 3D printer ($999 for DIY kit, $1299 assembled.)

Direct Dimensions, founded in 1995 in Baltimore, provides the most comprehensive 3D scanning and digital modeling services in the country across virtually all industries and applications for 3D measurement.

ShapeShot, created by Direct Dimensions, is a fully automated 3D photo booth featuring end-to-end creation of 3D print-ready files with integration to 3D printed product ordering and fulfillment.

The Bmore3D Store is located at 10310 S. Dolfield Road, Suite #3D, Owings Mills, Maryland 21117

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